Sunday, November 04, 2007

First Dive Photos

A couple of weeks ago, I got certified in diving. It was so fun - and kind of exciting! Yesterday, I went on my first post-certification dive. I had bought a case for my little camera and went to town. I thought I would share some of those photos. Location is Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.

Sea Urchins... yummy - and so cute underwater!

There were lots of these bright yellow fish (garabaldi, I am told). I loved them because they showed up so well in pictures.

This star fish was HUGE - over a foot across.

This little bitty guy was cute too! Not as magnificent, but cute.

Sea plants. They were really more colorful. I guess one day I will need an underwater camera with a strobe. For now, this will have to do for sharing.

I forgot what this was. One of the guys diving with us did tell me though. It was maybe the size of a large fist.

And lastly, my dive buddy was my ex, Jim. It was his first post cert dive too. Not the perfect dive position, but hey, we both just swam the best we could. And as long as I was floating and not sitting on the bottom, I was calling it good!

No pictures of me because I had the camera. Mauricio took some of me for my certification dive, but I don't have his pictures yet. If they are good, maybe I will share them later.


scrapper al said...

Congratulations Yvette! Sounds like you had fun.

Jamie said...

awesome accomplishment...WTG!